8000W High Power Brushless AC Motor Controller Evaluation Kit - CONTACT US FOR AN OEM DISCOUNT

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The hardware included in your box:

  • ASI BAC8000 CAN/Bluetooth Motor Controller
  • Evluation Harness
  • USB isolator (with USB cable)
  • Communication Cable
  • Screws and Ring Terminals
  • 1 Hour Engineering Support
  • Optional EggRider V2 Display (bafang middrive version) available as an upgrade

You’ll also receive ASI’s BacDoor software, access to our extensive online Support Index and guidance documents, as well as one-hour of direct engineering support to ensure your ride is set-up exactly how you want it.


Our Support Pages are loaded with valuable information, and are constantly being updated:


If you need direct support, contact us using one of the methods below to schedule an appointmentEmail us: support@accelerated-systems.com

  • Call us: +1 (519) 342-2507
  • Fax us: +1 (519) 342-2508

Additional Engineering Time can be purchased separately*