8000W High Power Brushless AC Motor Controller Evaluation Kit with CAN Bluetooth

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The hardware included in your box:

  • ASI BAC8000 CAN/Bluetooth Motor Controller
  • Evluation Harness
  • USB isolator (with USB cable)
  • Communication Cable
  • Screws and Ring Terminals
  • 1 Hour Engineering Support

You’ll also receive ASI’s BacDoor software, access to our extensive online Support Index and guidance documents, as well as one-hour of direct engineering support to ensure your ride is set-up exactly how you want it.


Our Support Pages are loaded with valuable information, and are constantly being updated:


If you need direct support, contact us using one of the methods below to schedule an appointmentEmail us: support@accelerated-systems.com

  • Call us: +1 (519) 342-2507
  • Fax us: +1 (519) 342-2508

Additional Engineering Time can be purchased separately*